WhatsApp Tracking Simplified

Tracking WhatsApp is easier than ever. Android keylogger lets you track all WhatsApp data.

Read Messages & Monitor Calls

View the names or numbers of all people that were in contact with the monitored user. Get the date and time of every message (sent or received) or the duration of every call.

Browse all files sent or received

Know what they send or receive and with whom they are exchanging information. Track WhatsApp images, video, audio or data.

View shared locations

View all exchanged places between the monitored user and all people that contact them. Know what spots they find interesting.

View contacts sent or received

Know when someone is being introduced to them. Keep track of the people they communicate with.

Monitor all WhatsApp activity

Track their WhatsApp conversations, chats, calls, files that were sent or received, locations and contacts shared. WhatsApp tracking lets you know everything that takes place in their WhatsApp account. All from your Private Area.

Tracking WhatsApp Messages with WhatsApp Spy feature of Android Keylogger