Why I cannot see any data in my Private Area?

Common reasons why there is no data or any new data uploaded to your Private Area:

  1. Internet connection is not available:
    • Either make sure the monitored device is connected and wait for new data;
    • Or minimize the data upload interval so that the device will try to upload data every X minutes instead of every X hours. This is useful if there is an Internet connection available, but for short periods of time;
  2. The Android version of the target device has been updated. Depending on the Android Update type some devices might stop working:
    • in such cases the recommended solution is to re-install AndroidKeylogger as it has not been automatically installed after the update;
  3. A False Positive generated by an Antivirus:
    • False Positive is generated when an Antivirus product wrongfully detects Parental Control app as a Spyware or a Trojan horse. The best way to deal with such False Positives is to add the app to the Ignore List of the Antivirus product that is installed on the target device if any;
  4. Battery Manager apps and Vendor (Xiaomi, Huawei) specific settings:
    • For newer Samsung phones (S6 and newer) there are some settings that must be made before completing the installation process. They were shown in the Installation Guide.
    • For Xiaomi and Huawei phones and tablets you can refer to the corresponding section of the FAQs. Generally there are few settings that must be configured like “Auto start” so the app can auto start itself, “Battery Manager” to be configured for no restrictions for the app so the app does not get stopped, Mobile data must be allowed while phone is locked so that the app can send extracted info to your Private Area even when the phone is not being actively used by its user.

To fix similar problems, you can always install the app again. There is no restriction on how many times you will install the app on the same device or on how many devices you will install the app. Info on how to install the app can be found in the Installation Guide.