What is Private Area?

The process of remotely monitoring Android devices generally consists of two steps:

  • the app extracts and sends data to your Private Area
  • you visit your Private Area and check what has been uploaded

So, your Private Area is your secret place from which you can see all the information that has been extracted from the tracker cell phone. It is only you who has access to your Private Area.

After you install AndroidKeylogger on the phone, you will receive an Email with your password and a link to your Private Area. If you already have access to your Private Area, you can install the app on other devices as well, and they will show up there. You can monitor an unlimited number of devices.

In your Private Area, you can locate and instantly pinpoint the location of the tracked phone on a map or just review its location history. Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, read their SMS and other messages. See their photos, video and audio files and recordings. Monitor all Internet activities of the monitored cell phone. See all websites that have been visited or bookmarked. Monitor their WhatsApp conversations, Facebook chats and other Social Apps like Telegram, Line Chat. Skype, Kik Messenger and others. Use the keylogger to see their keystrokes and what they have typed in any application on their device. There is no protection for that. See their events and what they are up to. Detect when they change SIM cards and review the details of these events. You can virtually monitor everything that is happening on the target device or around it.

Your Private Area is accessible anytime, from anywhere and from any device be it a cell phone, laptop, tablet, desktop PC or another Internet-enabled device with browsing capabilities.

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