What is AndroidKeylogger?

Android Keylogger is the first absolutely free spying and tracking application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets. As one of the most powerful free cell phone monitoring apps, it will allow you to track and monitor a lot of activities for any Android device.

AndroidKeylogger, as a background application, works absolutely incognito and leaves no traces.

For a full observation of the target devices, AndroidKeylogger allows you to monitor key logs (keystrokes), WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Other Social apps, phone calls, SMS and other messages, location history and current location (by few different methods, including GPS, but it works without GPS as well).

You will be able to access even deleted information as AndroidKeylogger does not rely on the internal databases of the phone (for calls, messages, etc.).

To quickly monitor cell phone activities, you have to log into your Private Area. Only you have a password for your Private Area, and it offers secure and secret access to the information that you need (the one extracted from the target device).

Watch a quick introductory video